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Blog of Gia Bennett

Monday, September 13, 2010

Words from the heart

I shouldn't still be obsessing over this, but it hurts to be blamed by people that have no clue. I saw something today that bothered me greatly and started typing these words. I'm not a writer so don't judge. The pain is real.


ginnnnsane said...

It's hard to read as a jpg. Here are the words...

I shouldn’t say the things I say
We are over and done
I hate the lies and games
Just trying to defend my name

It kills me that those I loved
See me in a bad light
They don’t know how dark you are
They don’t know my pain

The ones around us saw it all
I am no angel, I did wrong
The pain was more than I could bear
At times I wasn’t sane

I started out lonely
Begging for your love
Then my body betrayed me
You were nowhere to be found

I lost my beauty and you are so vain
Laying alone in our bed
You passed out on the couch
Drugs and alcohol abound

Come home late after our kids are asleep
Angry and hate filled
Unleashing your day on me
Slamming things around

The abuse became intolerable
Friends and family tried to intervene
I love you and couldn’t let go
Praying for the you I used to know

Things got so ugly, so out of control
Games lead to misunderstandings
Our soul connection was lost
That was the final fatal blow

Those closest to us know the truth
Not the ones who weren’t around
They can believe what they want
They were distant and didn’t see

The holes in the walls are patched
Broken things replaced
No more phone calls for help when I feared for my life
Loved ones no longer begging for me to flee

Souls torn apart
Neither will ever fully heal
Our children forever scarred
The nightmare is over but we will never be free

GinniB © 2010

Karen ^..^ said...

Wow, Gin...


I'm sorry.

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