Blog of Gia Bennett

Blog of Gia Bennett

Monday, May 16, 2011


I have been a total fuck up my entire life. Why on earth did I think I could be anything more?


Chris said...

Well, I refuse to accept this statement in any way, shape or form.
You remember when you were so direct with me? Well, I'm going to be equally direct. There is no way I or anyone would consider you a fuck up. You simply are NOT. For every choice you may not be happy with, you made a hundred choices you should be VERY proud of. The first two of those choices being Zack and Meg. And let me say this about your marriage....It may not have turned out like you hoped and dreamed but I am damn proud of you for following your heart and trying to make a life with someone you loved for as long as you did. That is to be celebrated, not regretted. And that's to Herceptin and your will to live for your babies and for yourself, you will have many more years to make new choices - good and bad ones. But don't EVER AGAIN call yourself a fuck up or I'm going to drive over there and kick your ass. LOL -- LOVE YOU!

Just a woman said...

What Chris said... <3

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