Blog of Gia Bennett

Blog of Gia Bennett

Thursday, July 12, 2007

more banners from the past ...

Here are a few banners from Gia's Place. There were so many forums within. We talked about everything there!

This one was used for the "girl talk" forum. These were photos that intrigued me and I merged them on to a background I love. I no longer remember the photographers name because I made this banner years ago. I used to have credit to him under it on my board. This was always one of my favorites!

This one I made for the political/news/opinion discussion board. I made it almost like a flowing river of blood because there tends to be some major battles in those discussions. Everyone is passionate in what they believe.

This one I never used. I just had fun turning a Victoria Secret model into a demon.

This was the main banner and identity for Gia's Place.

This was my team that helped me run the board for so many years.

This was the team for about the last year before I chose to close it. They are all extremely dear friends of mine. I used this banner in the forum where the member could post pictures of themselves.


Rich said...

Sometimes I miss them days...

ginnnnsane said...

me too

It was so fun... so much craziness!
Everyone went their separate ways and it was time to end it.

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