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Blog of Gia Bennett

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sunset on the Marshland

Just got back from a great vacation with family on Hilton Head Island, SC. Here are a few photos I took of the marsh, harbor and view from my parents condo. Such a beautiful island! I can't wait till I can afford to buy a place there. For now I enjoy going and meeting up with my family that already have condos I can vacation in. :)

The harbor in Shelter Cove.
Heading out to the marsh.

Sun had just gone down.

So beautiful...

On the balcony waiting for the fireworks.

They do a fireworks show every Tuesday night during the summer. I got caught up in watching them and didn't concentrait on taking photos. My dear friend Rich took this one ... lol


Rich said...

Those are great pics....
that last one is cool as hell..

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! Those picturesque nights are what I really miss about the south. Whether it's SC , GA, FL, etc... Some people think of swamp and marshland negatively, but whenever I see pictures like this, it's nostalgic and fills me with a longing for the good ol' days. Thanks for the pics, Gia!

ginnnnsane said...

Thanks Rich :) I realize now that YOU took that last picture! lmao Hey... I was sitting next to you, doesn't that count?

Jason, Thank you for your sweet comment. I love the marshland.. or "wetlands". The beauty, the life that thrives there... just amazing.

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