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Blog of Gia Bennett

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Amazing story... and a rant ...

I find it amazing that the most courageous, inspirational people in our world get little to no recognition while the scum of our society are glorified in the press. The moral values in our society are all but nil and our politicians are as corrupt as corrupt can be.

How is it a saint such as Irena Sendler can go so unknown. Her heroism should be rewarded and known by all. Yet so few have ever heard of her. I had not heard of her until I saw this clip and then checked into her a bit deeper in astonishment. Yet Al Gore beats her out for the Nobel Peace prize with his global warming film. The biggest doofus on our planet. A man that has not one original idea. A man that used Hollywood to rise in popularity. A man that used fake footage stolen from a movie ... and he wins the Nobel Peace Prize. Our society truly has it's priorities backwards.

I do applaud going "green". I think we need to take care of our environment and do more to protect our health as well as the planets health. I do not believe nor have I ever seen evidence to prove there is global warming. Al Gore has made my stomach churn since he was Vice President. He makes it churn worse now. Please God don't ever let this creep run for President again.

Ok... my rant is over and I have gotten way off the subject here which is Irena Sendler. I'm sure she is getting the praise she deserves in heaven now. Too bad she didn't get it here on earth before she died. What an incredible woman she was.


Rich said...

What an amazing woman she was.. But it goes to show you about Nobel academy To give a prize to a man that made a movie that is full of shit... They should strip it from him and still give it to her.

Hey AL .. your a putz.

Good post Hun

ginnnnsane said...

I agree! :)

Karen ^..^ said...

Absolutely amazing woman. I am not a Glenn Beck fan by any stretch, he is a crazed fanatic as far as I'm concerned, but it IS good to see him reporting something positive instead of the insane war mongering ranting he usually does.

Great post! The world definitely needs to hear more about people like this, as there are not enough people like this, unfortunately. Republican, Democrat, they are all corrupt money hungry asswipes, and not one of them really believes the promises they spout from their lying despicable mouths. Neither party is better or less corrupt than the other, either. Sad. All each of the party serves is to be the great divider of Americans, and the world. *shakes head sadly* :(

ginnnnsane said...

I agree. I'm not happy with our government at all. We are a divided country... and for what? Both sides are corrupt. Wouldn't be nice to live in an honest world? *sigh*

I keep thinking I want to give in the country somewhere. Away from the BS of the world. Have land, go to a little farmers market everyday for my daily veggies... live a simple life. I fantasize of living in small towns I see in Europe, but love America and what it (should) stand for. I need to find that perfect place here somewhere... if it exists. :p
(no, I don't want to live in some cult sect or with Amish people... lol)

ginnnnsane said...

btw... I kinda like Glen Beck. lol His rants amuse me at times. Even Zack listens to WMMB 1240 talk radio in the car.
Sean Hannity is my fave. :p

(I know... you are puking right now... *hehehe*)

Karen ^..^ said...

LOL, I don't mind Sean Hannity, and there was a time I was a staunch Glenn Beck fan. But his bloodlust has made me a bit too squeamish.

He has just gotten too Jerry Springer like in his fanaticism. All for ratings, not for good. Hmmm... Just like the politicians. And yeah, I hear ya on wanting to live in the country. I am all for that. The only downside would be the gas money it would take to get anywhere. I lived in a tiny little town 40 miles away from anywhere in high school. It would have killed us now to live there, with gas the way it is. Yuck. Although it did balance out... We had a whole acre of land for a potato garden, and had two acres dedicated to a vegetable garden. It was awesome. Then apple trees everywhere, and blackberry bushes and raspberry bushes everywhere. I miss it so much. We grew all of our vegetables. They lasted all winter.

Karen ^..^ said...

And Derrrrrr, I totally forgot what I was coming on your page to say, that is that I TAGGED you again. I know, you are ready to throw something at me, LOL.

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