Blog of Gia Bennett

Blog of Gia Bennett

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I am so proud ...

... of my babies! They worked so hard for the Cancer Foundation yesterday and are there again today! They worked from 10-4 yesterday, but shouldn't be there as long today. The CF is getting ready for a fundraiser so Zack and Meg had to fold around 3000 brochures, put those tape circles on 3 sides, print out the mailing labels and put those on too. lol There were two other teen boys there with them and every time Zack would bring another stack from the printer they would groan. *hehe* I asked if they wanted to work the check in tables with me and Rich the night of the event and they might do it. They have to have to have a certain number of volunteer hours to qualify for a scholarship I am having them try for... but I also want them to volunteer because it's the right thing to do.

I was telling Meg this morning I am signing us up to help with the set up of the ACS Making Strides walk. She asked what we would do. I said set up tents, tables, unload boxes of t shirts, and blow up balloons. We both remembered Zack HATES balloons and started to laugh. I pictured the event coordinator going up to him and saying... can you help fill balloons? Zack would scream.... noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! *hehehe*

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Karen ^..^ said...

You do have two very extraordinary kids. I laughed when you described the Zack/balloon/fantasy scenario. I feel the same way about balloons. I freak out thinking one is going to pop, and I HATE being startled. I can't even open those cans of Pillsbury stuff. Freaks me out.

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