Blog of Gia Bennett

Blog of Gia Bennett

Friday, August 17, 2007


No, these are not mine. They are Louise Hay healing cards. I read alot of her books in the beginning of my illness. They helped tremendously.

I had the strength to keep up with two little ones and keep a positive attitude in my healing process. I was always told how strong I was and I was an inspiration. I helped other women get through their diagnoses. I went through 10 surgeries in 8 years losing all that makes me a woman.

This all got lost with lack of support and my life went into a downward spiral. I now take full responsibility because I have come to learn that we are responsible for our actions and our life paths. This includes how we allow others to treat us. I hold in excruciating mental pain and that just makes my illness worse. I will no longer allow that to destroy me.

I now release my past and am ready to move forward to a brighter future.


Rich said...

Good for you.
"it's time"

See I told you that's what that ment..:)

Chris said...

Can I just say.....

Those thoughts are very much a part of "The Secret" which was an awesome book. I had to tailor some of the ideas to my own Christian beliefs but I got so much out of reading it.

I know that I have found you a great source of inspiration and strength. More than you will ever know. One of the life lessons you have taught me is ringing in my heart as I type this. Just know that I am sending as many prayers and positive feelings you as possible- not just now but every day.

ginnnnsane said...

LMAO! You say that about everything!

But yes, I am starting to realize the "it's time" I heard in my dreams, the voice I would hear in my mind was not a bad sign. Not telling me to give up my fight for life.

It was telling me to move on and FIX my life. :)
"It's time" to let go of something that will never be and to open my heart to new adventures.
"It's time" to heal.
"It's time" to open my heart to new love.

ginnnnsane said...

Who wrote "the Secret"? I'd love to read it. I know what you mean about bringing your own religion beliefs into the New Age thinking books. I do the same.

I find it funny that you find me a source of inspiration and strength. I find that same inspiration in YOU! I also love your spirit of independence and wish I had just a touch of it.

I am dying to know what life lesson I taught you. :)

When I ran Gia's Place I was so much better at giving advice and helping others than following it. I loved my online "family". I often wondered how I could help so many... and hide what was happening to me so deep within. I was so lonely. Running the board combined with my beautiful babies, (whom I would do anything for) gave me happiness in the huge void of my life.
... and well... our fun get togethers at Disney World helped too! lol

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