Blog of Gia Bennett

Blog of Gia Bennett

Friday, August 17, 2007

Young ... innocent?

This is a picture from when I was a teen. I always liked how it had that old time feel to it.

I look at it and see innocence to what my future holds. I had so many avenues to choose from. My world was wide open.

I have learned from my mistakes and unfulfilled dreams. I still have so much life ahead of me. I will not give in, though the thought taunts me mercilessly. I will focus on the positive in my life and make it a goal to fulfill new and better dreams.

I will survive.


Rich said...

your damn right you will survive.
I wish I could be more of a support for you than I am ..

Im am proud of you.

Chris said...

First off...WOW. That picture is spectacular. You are STILL totally beautiful.

And you DAMN BETTER survive...we all love you too much. And of course..."It's all about us" LOL.

But I want you to MORE than survive- I want you to THRIVE and live life to the fullest.

ginnnnsane said...

Rich - I have never had so much support in my life! You have stood by me through good and bad. I'm used to being alone. Having no one to rely on, no one to turn to.

You have also shown me trusting in the ones around me that love me... is a good thing. I learned over the years to shut every one out to hide the pain.

I am closer than I have ever been to my family because you helped me realize that shutting them out to my problems isn't going to help... it only hurt me. I wish I had opened up to them years ago. Maybe I wouldn't have had so far to climb in my healing. They stood by and watched helplessly as I lived in misery.

You have done so much to improve your life as well in the time you have lived here. You are a great source of strength for me... and my kids. I'm so glad they love you so much... cause I do too! <3

ginnnnsane said...

Thank you, Chris!

I will survive and thrive. I've done it before... I'll do it again :)

It makes it easier having such a great group of friends! I don't know what I would do without you all.

You are the best. You always have the right thing to say and the best advice for me. Not to mention we love so many of the same things and have such a blast when we are together! I love you!

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