Blog of Gia Bennett

Blog of Gia Bennett

Monday, August 13, 2007

Vero Beach

We drove down A1A to Vero on Saturday. It took my mind off bad things going on in my life and my heart was filled with all the beauty abound.

We drove through a state park where there were HUGE land crabs. They were too fast for me to take pictures of them. If I had more time I could have sat patiently waiting.

I will be back little crabs... mwah ha ha ha ha

Here are a few pics of our day. This is heading through a public access to the beach. The water is so blue and the walkway to the ocean was incredible. So peaceful and serene.


Rich said...

That Was a great day.
but that damn road was a bummmmmmmpy bastard.
next time we will wear the suits instead of carry

ginnnnsane said...

Bumpy and looooooooooong! lol We thought we'd never get out of there! But hey... we would have never seen those ginormous crabs!

We had enough supplies to be prepared for anything! lol It was truly a fun adventure :)

Thanks for a great day!

Chris said...

Gin- you are a fantastic photographer! These are like post cards. I am sooo glad you guys got away for a little while. I've been thinking about you both and hope you are doing better. I love you!

ginnnnsane said...


Things are going to end up ok, but it has not been a good week. I'm just glad for my good friends and family who keep me sane. I need to stay off the net where you run into crazies who think they know more about your life than you do. lol

Things are looking up in my world. Call me and we can get together VERY SOON. The kids are heading back to school and I will be needing booze and sushi :p Dan will be here soon and you have to meet him! :) Will you play at Gatorland with us? lol

Chris said...

I'm so sorry it's been a bad week but really, really glad things are looking up! BOOZE AND SUSHI!!! YES!!! I'm ready! LOL.

I would LOVE to meet Dan! Hope to talk to you and SEE YOU very soon, too. Love ya!

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