Blog of Gia Bennett

Blog of Gia Bennett

Sunday, January 6, 2008

How many times can
an outreached hand be bitten?
a forgiving heart be pierced?
a loving soul torn to shreds?

How many times can
one say they are sorry?
plead for resolution?
try to make ammends?

There comes a time when
you have to give up and let go.
your heart can bleed no more.
your soul is on the edge of death.

Your abuse echos in my ears.
Your hatred crushed my heart.
Your lies blacken my world.

Now she has taken it upon herself
to judge me as evil.
to hate me for a warning.
to spread more lies.

She is so much like you
full of anger and hatred.
fueling your negativity.
going in and out of nice and hate like Jekyll and Hyde.

There will be no forgivness because
the apology was empty, cold and meaningless.
you have hurt my kids.
I have no more trust for you.

If I reach for the olive branch, it will just end up jabbed in my heart.

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