Blog of Gia Bennett

Blog of Gia Bennett

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Been busy

I have been so busy the past few day. The kids and I scrubbed the house from top to bottom. It was a mess! My sister came into town yesterday. I completely forgot she was coming. My mom reminded me on Wednesday. Meg and Lindsey had the boys over last night to watch scary movies. They left around 11 and I came out to get the scoop. lol Meg really likes him alot. They have been dating over a week now. whoo hoo. Tanner asked Lindsey to date him last night. So the best friends are officially both dating twins now. ;) Zack came back in the room with me and Rich a couple of times but mainly played xbox live all night. We all randomly took turns going to the kitchen so we could check up on them. lol

I need to go wake the girls up. Meg has pets and my sister wants to go shopping. I guess I get to watch other people shop today. No money what so ever.

I'm so tired. My body just can't take much anymore. I need to try and not over do it today, because if I end up sick in bed tomorrow I will just die. I really want a fun day with my babies.


Karen ^..^ said...

I hope you and your sister have a great time. LOL, I got to watch my sister shop last week, so I can definitely relate there!

Glad Meg's big double date went good, it must have been fun leading up to it, tormenting her, lol. Kathryn and her best friend "dated" two best friends once, very similar to Meg's situation, when she was Meg's age. It made things so much more fun for them.

Now I'm going to scold you like I did Maureen: GET SOME SLEEP!!! Don't overdo it!! Yeah right, look who I am talking to. Ms. Driven.

Just relax. The housework isnt going anywhere. Take a breath, get some sleep, and enjoy your Mother's Day!!!

ginnnnsane said...

I just got home a little while ago. The kids went out, me and Rich are watching "Cars" and I stole Meg's laptop so I could lay in bed and be lazy.

These girls are definitely having fun with this. So am I. Meg left me a comment on myspace saying we did good not embarrassing her. I told her... just wait til next time. lol

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