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Blog of Gia Bennett

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

True Loves Kiss?


I finally sat down and watched Enchanted today. What a cute movie!
My head hurt so bad... it's been hurting for days on end... so I decided to take a break from what I was doing and crawled into bed, got comfy and watched it. I'm glad I did. Isn't it amazing who we think is our prince turns out not to be and someone better for you comes along? Life is weird that way.

I also got a chance to go see Iron Man last weekend. Both my kids were going and I was kinda bummed I didn't have the money to see it. Rich came home and had $25 in his pocket. Someone gave him that as a tip for a ready to mow job. No, he normally doesn't get tips, and if by chance he does it never is that much. He wanted to see it as bad as I did so we splurged! It was one of the best movies I've seen in a very long time. I was rooting for Robert Downey Jr. the actor as much as I was for the character he was playing. He has been through so much. I really hope this revives his career. Gawd he was hot too! *hehe*

Of course Rich and I went to a different time then Meg. She and Lindsey had dates with twins. We wouldn't want mommy around for a date would we? I spent most of the week telling her Rich and I would sit in between them (thinking all the while I couldn't afford to go). But it was fun telling them I was excited about our "triple date". Now the boys are coming here Friday night for movie night. They are going to rent something scary and Rich and I have strict rules to stay in my bedroom with our own movie. Rich's first reaction was ... hell no I need access to the kitchen! Meg of course said bring lots of food and drinks back there with you. LOL The child has no clue what we have planned. Like I am going to leave four 14 year olds unattended... right. I told her I was going to plop down between them when the movie starts. (lol ...I'm not really that mean, but she thinks I am) And Rich and Kurt had something cooking last night. I think they are planning on scaring then during the movie. LOL Torturing your kids makes life fun. ;) Lord only knows what big brother will do hen he gets back from his night out. *hehehe*

Off to rest my head again.


Karen ^..^ said...

I LOOOOOOVE Robert Downey Jr.


I'm glad he is back too. Hopefully he stays on track. Poor guy.

~Be Yourself, By Yourself, Stay Away From Me~ said...

Robert Downey jr hot???? Yuck.....we'd never fight over the same guy lol

ginnnnsane said...

He is hot! Especially in this movie.

You and I rarely have the same taste in guys. Though we agree Coax, Tuwin, Ripper and Kip (RIP) are mega hot! lol I'm sure there are more. :p

Karen ^..^ said...

There's just something about him... I cant put my finger on it. A charisma... Those dark eyes maybe... Then he kind of looks like the dad from Supernatural. Now THAT man is a living doll. Except on that show. On that show he is dead. LOL.

~Be Yourself, By Yourself, Stay Away From Me~ said...

I watched Enchanted 2 times yesterday, such a cute movie

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