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Blog of Gia Bennett

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Going Away ...

... to Palm Beach for a few days. I can't wait. My parents are going to take us to lunch when we get there and we will hang out with them a bit before they head home. My mom raves about a place with huge scallops. I said I wanted to go there. :)

We have a condo on the end overlooking the ocean and the pool. When we were there last year we had a blast. The water is crystal blue, the beach not at all crowded. They have musicians by the pool and a pool bar and restaurant. You can rent anything there... boats, jet skis, kayaks... but I am looking forward to just having fun on the beach.

My mom called and set up a boat ride for the four of us on Thursday. It goes around all the waterways in Palm Beach. We get to see all the mansions and huge yachts. I think that will be fun. I hope I don't puke... lol. My equilibrium is shot. I get woozy just standing up. :p

I'm off to finish laundry and pack. I'm still exhausted from scrubbing the aviary this morning. Zack is going to help Rich fix the screen when he gets home from work, then the kids are off to spend time with their dAdA tonight. :)


Irene said...

You have an aviary? Is that for Enzo? All Peaches has is a little parakeet cage. :-P

Enjoy your trip. You deserve some "relax" time.

the Albino Bowler said...

wonderful detail... It can be very interesting to take a few minutes and live vicariously in someone else's world, especially if they have a creative mind.

ginnnnsane said...

Irene, we haven't talked in so long... but you have to remember my cockatiels had babies! We gave 2 to friends and kept 2. Rich and I built a big aviary on the back porch for Enzo and the 4 cockatiels to fly around in. It gets the noise and dust out of my house. lol I'll have to take pictures.

I had a great vacation. The four of us had a blast together. It was so gorgeous doing some sight seeing and relaxing by the pool and beach. I came home back to stress. I could feel the tension in my back muscles as soon as I opened my mailbox. I need to get rid of all the negative energy (and people) in my life asap.

ginnnnsane said...

Albino Bowler,
Thank you so much! Your comment means a lot to me. I peeked at your blog and I will be back once I am unpacked and settled in. :)

Irene said...

This is kind of scaring me, but I didn't even remember that you had cockatiels, let alone that they had babies. I do remember something about cockatiels when you were first married, but my recent memory is a complete blank. I'm lucky that I can remember which birds *I* have these days. I think this is maybe a stress reaction. I wish we had an aviary for Peaches. Coco (our cockatoo) has free reign of the house and Boca (a senegal) had his wings clipped before we ever got him (he was 4 at the time) and never learned to fly. He has a playground and a "tree" that he climbs on all day, so he's pretty happy. But Peaches is timid and if she gets loose it's nearly impossible to get her back in - an aviary would be a perfect solution.

I'm glad the vacation was great, but very sad to hear about the stress at home. Yes, I think you're 100% right about getting rid of the negative people and the situations they cause, but I know from my experience that it's sometimes extremely difficult to do. There are some people who have ties to us that aren't easy to cut, so the only thing I can figure out to do is learn techniques like meditation or reiki or other healing methods so that the stress doesn't do you in. I really want to take a reiki class to see if it will help. Most of it for me has to do with my mother - she got out of rehab for the stroke the first week in August, and promptly landed back in the emergency room this past Saturday. After spending all of Saturday in the emergency room with her, she was shipped off to the nursing home/rehab place again, by ambulance, at which point we were told the hospital didn't follow the correct protocol for medicare and I needed an immediate check of 30 days of treatment at $400 a day. She hadn't even hurt herself - all her xrays were fine and they sent her to rehab as a precaution. I had no way to get $12,000 on a Saturday so they told me to get her out of there. We couldn't get her another ambulance ride so I was told I had to take her myself IMMEDIATELY. (She doesn't walk and is dead weight.) Paul was in town but out on the river fishing. Cutting to the chase, I didn't even get to see him Saturday although we had planned a big special dinner. He can almost never come in to visit now that he's started his residency. I was literally in tears from the stress. He stayed till Sunday afternoon so I did get to see him briefly, but most of the time we were trying to get my little Princess's car bailed out from the Otakon garage, or else she was literally going to be trapped in Baltimore - LONG story, the car was being held hostage for over $100 when she ran out of money. Anyway, she got home Sunday night and I thought I could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Then she stopped over Monday night to visit for awhile, used the "lady's room" and ended up having to be rushed to the hospital for peeing what looked like cranberry juice. She was in a lot of pain by then too. (She's on lots of meds and is doing a little better today.) They recognize me at the emergency room. Anyway, the point of all this is that I either need a dump truck load of tranquillizers or I have to learn relaxation techniques to survive the stress.

This ended up being way longer than I intended - we really do need to talk sometime. (I've been working on being able to answer my phone without needing medication - you'd be proud of me.) I want to see you SOOOOOO badly - we used to be able to find some sort of solution to our problems whenever we talked - though granted some of them weren't exactly practical. :-p I miss you.

ginnnnsane said...

Good gawd Irene! I am so sorry to hear all that. We do need to catch up soon.

I took a reiki class about 6 years ago and loved it. I wanted to go on with it but didn't. When I went for healing touch it also helped tremendously but I couldn't afford to keep it up. I had so many blocks up and wasn't able to let go of them all. There has been more pain than I can bear in my life. I doubt I will ever break through the barriers I have put up. But I do believe going helped me fight the cancer inside me. I was told I had no hope... but here I am. I also know that going helped them find my diseased uterus. I had stopped menstruating from the chemo. When she was doing energy work around my lower abdomen I felt a "thump" feeling inside. I began to spot. The spotting lasted for weeks so I went to the doctor. In the ultra sound they could see something was wrong so I had a hysterectomy. It still amazes me to think back on that.

I don't have a home phone anymore, but if you have AT&T wireless we can talk for free. Or we will just have to plan after 9 or weekend call. We used to spend hours on the phone. I have no doubts we can still manage that. :p
Hope to talk to you soon.

Irene said...

I remember when you went for healing touch. I know a lot of people don't believe in it, but I absolutely do. Rachel and I took a class in it several years ago, and I could definitely feel differences in her energy over different parts of her body. She was having fibro problems in her stomach area, and as I probed her energy about 6 inches above her body, it suddenly felt like my hands were moving through water instead of through air when I was over her stomach. It wasn't subtle - it was very obvious. So I'm not surprised at the reaction you had to the healing touch. It's much stronger and more effective than lots of people realize. Thank G-d you were going for it at the time. I don't doubt that it helped save your life.

I'm not convinced that you won't be able to work through the blocks you've put up. You're strong and have a huge amount of insight about your life. When I had healing touch, Debby (healing touch lady) was getting a lot of messages about things I needed to do to help myself emotionally. Some of it concerned situations that NO ONE knew about, which convinced me she was getting advice from somewhere and not making it up. If you could stay with healing touch long enough, I think it would be an enormous help on every level, but I totally understand about the finances. I don't know how to solve that. :( If I did, I'd be going for it myself. There are hospitals that have used it and documented that it works, but I don't think insurance companies will recognize it as an authentic form of therapy, unless it was done through a "real" doctor. When Paul was in med school he had classes about insurance and billing - I'll ask him if he has any ideas that could help you.

I'd love to hear more about the reiki class you took. Rachel and I had a reiki session at a psychic fair, and it really help with pain relief. After the session, the woman who had the reiki booth handed me a huge light green stone, maybe 12 inches or more across. After I held it for a few seconds, it started to vibrate. NOT slightly - it felt more like electricity was shooting through it into my hands. Rachel tried it and didn't feel a thing. The woman said it was an indication I was a healer, but I have no idea how to learn what I need to know. Right now it's just potential. I don't have the skills to actually do any healing. Now I want to learn this more than ever because I'd love to be able to work on you, and finances wouldn't be an issue.

We definitely need to talk. I don't have a home phone either, but my cell is from verizon. Nights and weekends are fine though - I'll email my number. I still have to tell you the story about how we were driving back from my mom's place on Sunday and the dog fell out of the car while we were driving. She must have a guardian angel, because she didn't have a scratch on her. It took hours before Marty and I stopped shaking though - he wouldn't even drive for the rest of the day.

I'm sure we could talk for hours - apparently I can even type for hours. :-P Ok, off to my email.

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