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Blog of Gia Bennett

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Under Water ...

TS Fay is dumping so freakin much water on Brevard! The lake by my house is overflowing and we are watching it stream down the path behind my house. Thank gawd my house is on an incline and is only a bit into my yard. I've lived here 16 years and have never had the lake overflow like this. The bad thing is Fay is being lazy and only moving at 3 miles an hour. It will be pounding us for at least another day. Luckily we have no damage to our home or yard. Just a bunch of dead palm branches to pick up... but hey.. that is a good thing. They needed to be cut down anyway. The only bad thing is we are house bound. Our neighborhood entry is flooded and so is Wickham Rd. from I95 to Pineda. Zack and Rich ventured out down our street to check the flooding. They came back to report our neighbors on our street don't have damage. The two a'holes on our street did have some of their landscaping ruined and a tree down. So hopefully it will stay that way until she passes. This rain really needs to let up. When it does, we are going to venture to see where the lake flow is heading. The woods are already flooded, so I am hoping it is going to the lake on the other side. I just pray it isn't in some neighbors yard down the path. :(
I'll post pics of our new waterfront property when I can get out there without drowning my camera in this downpour.
Though the storm has me a bit worried about the lake flash flooding at any time, I have enjoyed having my big windows wide open watching the storm. We didn't have to board up because the winds weren't bad. I really need to get those clear hurricane panels for the bigger storms.


Got some shots. Too much rain to get good ones.

This is the lake. I took this from my sons room. You can see it's filled to the brim. What I couldn't get is the view to the left where it is over flowing.

This is the closest I could get to the overflow of the lake without leaving my porch.

Here you can see how the lake has flooded the woods and draining back onto the path behind my house.

Closer shot

It's still raining. The news is showing flooding all over town. Fay is a wet little bitch! Sorry the pics are blurry. I didn't want to get the camera wet and the lens kept fogging up :


chris said...

I just saw online the flood warning near your house! Glad you guys are OK!

ginnnnsane said...

it came up farther into the yard. We went out to look and fish were swimming by. Big ones... like 15'' long. keep trying to look out to how much farther the water has come up but it's pitch black back there.

irene said...

Nightline had video of the Cocoa Beach area and it was heartbreaking. There were so many homes that looked like they could never be repaired. I'm glad that you are on high enough ground to keep the water out of your house.

ginnnnsane said...

I know. I honestly am extremely lucky. I have always worried about that lake flowing over and now I know I am safe.

There are so many devastated by this storm ... and it looks like it isn't going to stop raining yet. It is insane how much water has fallen from the sky. Over 20 inches! To think we were in drought conditions a couple months ago.

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