Blog of Gia Bennett

Blog of Gia Bennett

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rest in Peace, Baby Enzo

We are completely and totally devastated by your unexpected loss. You had so much spunk and personality. I loved the way you listened so intently when I talked absorbing the sounds and then imitating them. You always brighten our mood and made us laugh. You were our baby.
Who will be there to nip at our toes? To entertain us with crazy antics? The house is going to be so empty without your little chatter ... telling us to "come 'ere", calling the kitty and Thumper, demanding attention, and so many other adorable things you do.

Who knew a tiny little green bird could be so huge in our lives.
We love you so much. You will always be in our hearts.


chris said...

OMG- this is a shock. I'll call you tonight. I'm sooo sorry!
Love you!

ginnnnsane said...

Thanks Chris. We are in shock too.

We held and comforted him until he passed. He knew he was loved. The kids are really upset.

ginnnnsane said...


Rich came home from work knowing how torn up we were. He went out into the garage and built a really nice wood box. He even came in, found some pillow fluff and soft fabric and glued in the cushioning. He painted it and brought it in for me to decorate. I kept it simple.

In some ways I can't believe how devastated we are over losing him. But I know what an extraordinary little guy he was. I have never seen a bird his equal. 3 inches of tiny packed full of personality and feistiness.

Everyone has been so kind. Thank you for the emails. All except one...

Rockangel said...

Aw I'm very sad for this Gia. I can imagine and dread the day I lose my lovebird. :( And he's getting up there in age. I think this is gonna make me have to go snuggle my duck even.

*Hug* you! He couldn't have gotten a better Mom.

ginnnnsane said...

Thanks Tara.

It has definitely had me going around snuggling my other pets too.

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