Blog of Gia Bennett

Blog of Gia Bennett

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Life these days

I have so many things going on lately. At times I feel a bit overwhelmed.

I am getting Faery Wings back on track. I was too distracted when I had it up before. Didn't have a good game plan. I think I can make it work much better this time. The server I was using held all my info 'hostage'. Normally you can upload the site to FTP, then move it to the new server. There was nowhere to export the info. I even had my Coding God friend look at it... the bastards want to make it difficult for you to leave them. Well too bad. They were too expensive. I am on a great server now and even got a huge discount by using the code in the cnet review I read about them. I'm set for a year. Now to revamp, rethink, recode ... re-everything. I was upset I didn't do this in time for Christmas shopping, but my dear friend said to focus on 2009. I do have a feeling it's going to be a great year.

I'm also excited Logan is home for a visit. He was in Texas at Sheppard, but heads out after this break to Nebraska for his new job. He is gonna freeze up there and it's so darn far away. He is doing so well and says he actually feels like he is doing something right. He looks good and has put on weight and says he works out all the time. I am very happy for him.

I now am helping another one of Zack's good friends in trouble. He has been staying with us a lot through hard times, but I wish I could do more. He has lost almost 15 pounds off his already frail frame. Though we struggle day to day with money... I make sure there is always plenty to eat. We try and give him a happy place to come to escape the pain at home. Zack is so concerned for him. He knows how life can turn ugly and people you think you know can change all too well. I was freaking a bit about making ends meet and the added costs we have. Rich hugged me and said we would make it. He said "This is what you do. You took in Logan. You took me in, and now you are there for Michael."

Let's see.... on Thanksgiving my kids were with their dad. I was so happy Meg was well enough to go to her Aunt Julie's. I got frequent updates on what was going on through the day. I love that. I still get to feel connected to them even when I can't be with them. I love how close we are. :) The best thing I heard was that everyone kept telling Meg how much she looks like me. That must really chaff her dad's ass. lol As bad as he hates me and wants me out of his life, he has to see me every time he looks at her.
Anyway ... I had a great Thanksgiving. Lucille is an amazing cook and I was thrilled to get to see the Villages. My parents and Rich and I left early so we could ride around south Ocala to look at the gorgeous horse ranches. *sigh* I want land and horses one day. When we got there food was served shorty after. It came in courses. o... m... g... there was so much. I haven't seen Joey or Marie in ages. We laughed and had a great time. The meal from start to finish ... I think it was 2 hours of eating!

On Friday Rich and I got up and headed to Orlando to meet Chris at the convention center for the car show. We had a blast! Afterward we hit I-Drive and ate at a great place ... but the name has slipped my mind. The food was incredible. It was a gorgeous day so we sat outside. I really had a great time.

As we were leaving my mom called to tell me they were out of the Dyson vacuum she was getting me for Christmas at both Targets. I was so excited to hear I was getting one I told her we would hit a couple on the way home. We stopped at the Target by the Florida Mall first ... and the display was empty. We wandered the store a bit and I saw an employee and decided to ask. He said they were out. But as I turned around... there is Rich walking up to me with one in his hand! I squealed like a little girl. lol The purchase of the vacuum came with a $100 gift card. Since I needed a vacuum so bad my mom let me have it early. She said whatever we wanted with the gc had to go under the tree from her... even if we put our own money in with it. Rich ran to the Target by our house and came home with a camera! I squealed again. Mine has been broken for a couple months now and I have been having to rely on my phone camera. Even though I know what it is, I am still going to be excited to open it. I went years and years without gifts to make my kids Christmas special. I am exited to be getting gifts again!

Needless to say by the time we got home Friday I was exhausted. We had already made plans to meet Tyler's family in Cocoa Village. I just couldn't do it. My body was done. So Rich took Meg, Zack and Michael up there. They came home all chatty having to tell me all about the night. I was so glad they had a great time. Sue got a great pic of Meg and Tyler ice skating and sent it to my phone. I warned him Meg can't skate! lol Of course he spent the rest of the weekend at the house... as usual.

My mom had my extended family over for dinner Saturday night. lol Tyler is stuck like glue to Megan's side and over as much as possible and of course Michael too. We had a great time and took a walk down the pier just before sunset. It was beautiful.

We are busy getting the decorations down and putting them out. We got a new 8' tree the end of last year for $25! It's really nice. The other one pretty much died last year. I had always had real trees and really enjoyed them. But they got more and more expensive. I just couldn't do it anymore.

Tonight I got to have a great conversation with a dear friend on the phone. His Jersey accent kills me. I think we are heading up there for a visit next summer for a get together with some other buds. I had tears streaming down my face when we talked about Kip. I wish he could be there too, but it will be great to see everyone else. I can't wait!!!!!!

I have to stop getting distracted and get back to uploading my products on the server. I know I just rambled on. It probably makes no sense. lol

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