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Blog of Gia Bennett

Friday, December 5, 2008

Never Ending Saga ...

I'm beginning to feel it will never end. This perpetual nightmare is continuing on. He canceled the mediation. Now instead of private mediation we have to wait for an opening in the court... which will be months and months away. Then it still won't be final. Especially if we don't come to any agreement.

I really do believe he doesn't want this to end. When it does, that means he would be held to actual commitments. Not just to me and our kids, but to others too. That must scare the hell out of him. Right now he can do as he pleases with no strings.


~I'm Broken~ said...

This is dragging out too long. Have your lawyer fight like mad when you do get into court.

You'll be happier when it's over

ginnnnsane said...

It is dragging out way too long. It's a few months short of 4 years.

Why do you care? I thought you were rooting for the other side now.

Chris said...

I hate to say "I told you so" but you are dead on right.....He doesn't want to end this because he doesn't want to have to be held to real responsibility to you or the kids and certainly doesn't want to be truly free to be with anyone else. Nice work if you can get the song says. I am so sorry you are going through all of this. I will call you this weekend. Love you.

ginnnnsane said...

I can see the "i told you so: look on your face right now. lol

Love you too! Call me! We saw the Bond movie this afternoon and ... omg! He is so hot. lol

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