Blog of Gia Bennett

Blog of Gia Bennett

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sun Breaks


chris said...

This pic touched me in a profound way. It shows hope through the darkness. It also reminds me of when I get to spend time with the people that bring joy to my life after a (thankfully rare) period of loneliness and feeling unneeded. Time with you does are an opening of brightness in my blessed life.

ginnnnsane said...

Thank you, Chris. You are exactly the same for me. When I am down you always have words of wisdom for me. Your independence has always been an inspiration. We are so opposite, but similar. We have a real bond and you are a true friend.
(Rich, Zack and Meg love you dearly too!)

I am not very good with words. At times the only way to get out how I am feeling is through art.

I hope you haven't been feeling loneliness lately. I missed your call last night so call me tonight on your way home from work. Not sure what's going on this weekend but if you want to come hang out, that would be great!

My niece is coming in to town next week and I am so excited. I get such rare time with her. She just got a scholarship and internship with a hospital so she had time before she started. It thrills me to death that she chose to come spend it with us. I'll also see he in Hilton Head, but with so much family there at once it's usually chaos! lol I am so excited about the holidays. :)

So, if you come this weekend you can help me use my steam carpet cleaner. lol *kidding*

christine DeSantis said...

As much as steam cleaning sounds just LOADS of fun, I think I'm sticking with Orlando this weekend because I will be driving so much next week, going up to Savannah to see Liz. Also, tomorrow, I am doing an entire day with my brother at the Enzian, which I'm looking forward to.

We will have to plan to get together, soon, though!

ginnnnsane said...

awwww... ya wimp. :p lol

I bet our buddy will be there! I say I am going every year and never make it. You will have to tell me all about it.

I stuck Rich with the steam cleaning. I'm going to paint the kids bathroom instead. whoo hoo! ;)

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