Blog of Gia Bennett

Blog of Gia Bennett

Saturday, October 27, 2007


I really want to put an aviary as an extension of my back screened porch to give my birds flying room. I'm going to be buying the materials for it a little at a time because I can't afford it right now.
I saw two designs online and what I want is somewhere in between the two. It will have a ficus tree, tropical plants, little shelters for them, a mister for hot days and a heat lamp for cool days. I also want either a garden fountain or bird bath ... both of which I carry on Faery Wings and can get cheap. It would have a natural floor that can either be raked out or stones that can be hosed down to clean. The entrance would be from the porch just in case one of the birds escaped as you go in and out. Just on the outside of it I want a small Koi pond. All this will designed in a way so that when I can afford to put in a pool and jacuzzi it will be part of the patio design and all will be under screening. :) I have to move a small stone patio that my dad and I built, and my container garden about 10 feet over but all will look very cool when completed!!!!

I had a lazy night last night. The kids went to Octoberfest and had a blast. Rich and I decided to stay in since he had to get up early and work a few hours today. We laid in bed, watched Transformers and had a very good night. :) We are heading to Orlando with the kids and a bunch of friends tonight. I can't wait :)


chrisbird said...

door #2 !!!

ginnnnsane said...

Yeah, I think so too. But will have some features of #1 :p

I mentioned going to Orlando with a group of people and it ended up just me, you and the kids! I really enjoyed that day :) I soooo need to move to Celebration.

We will have to re-plan again with Tina and her family. I can never seem to get my schedule to coordinate with hers!

chris said...

I really enjoyed our time, too! It was like 5 1/2 hours that flew!

Move here!!

Yes, you have to get the "gang" to come out, next time!

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