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Blog of Gia Bennett

Thursday, March 20, 2008


An old friend of mine whom I lost touch with over stupid things I don't even remember spent the last few days drawing this gorgeous picture. She really captured not only Kip's image but emotion too.

I wish she had signed it! Maybe she will send me a newer version with her signature.

*hint hint*

Thank you for sharing this gorgeous tribute to Kip with me.


Karen ^..^ said...

This is absolutely amazing. Very talented, this friend of yours. I love this.

I wish I could have one made of my friend Ruth.

I love the caption she wrote, it is very touching. I think it is so tragic to lose our friends so young. It just doesn't make sense, and is very difficult to get over.

~Be Yourself, By Yourself, Stay Away From Me~ said...


Peter said...

Great drawing - i'll have to direct some of my/kip's friends to this. thanks.. It's gonna be tough going to the funeral tomorrow. In one sense I don't want to go because it'll be so hard to see kip like that. But I know I need to go to say goodbye.

ginnnnsane said...

Karen - thanks! I love it. I know how much you miss Ruth. She was your best friend, that has to be extremely tough.

It's weird. I only knew Kip online, but since 2002 we emailed, IM'ed, talked on the phone, and when he would do his radio shows he would have his webcam on and dedicate songs to me. It never felt like we didn't meet in person. He was a good friend. We knew everything about each others lives. I do wish I had gotten that change to be face to face though.

ginnnnsane said...

Maureen - I was asleep on the couch last night when I saw an anonymous call come it. I didn't pick it up, then I heard your voicemail. I was just too tired to call back. I had chemo yesterday and it wiped me out. I was also very I have your number... I'll call you later today :)

ginnnnsane said...

Thanks Peter! I wish she had signed it.

I would give anything to be at that funeral today. If you get a chance to pay your respects at the casket can you also add that Gia loves him and will never forget him for me?

Rick will be one of the pallbearers today. He was his roomate and in a band with Kip years ago. I met him through Kip and the WMA and is the one that called to tell me the news the day he died.

I'll be praying at 1:00 with the rest of you.

Karen ^..^ said...

Thanks, Gin... And truly, online friendships are every bit as precious as face to face friendships; and every bit as valuable. 2002 is a long friendship and the grieving process will be the same as any other. Sometimes worse because of the regret of never actually meeting them. I value all of my online friendships, as we have total honesty, and your online persona is so much more of yourself, but better, because we can truly be ourselves without society stepping in and effing it all up, LOL.

Chin up, girl. This is a difficult time for you, and with chemo on top of it; hang tough, ok?

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