Blog of Gia Bennett

Blog of Gia Bennett

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My baby is growing up...

HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY to my sweet baby girl!


Karen ^..^ said...

Awww... Can you tell that pretty girl I said Happy Birthday? Thanks. They grow up wayyyy too fast, don't they?

ginnnnsane said...

Meg says THANK YOU! :)

That was sweet... and yes, they do. Meg hangs out with older girls which makes it worse. :p

A group of her friends came by and they are out on the back porch having their own little party. lol One has a mylar balloon attached to the gift. Zack and his friend came by and looked out there and were like... why weren't we invited?? Poor guys thought I planned a party without them! *hehehe*

Karen ^..^ said...

LOL, The guys always act all big and bad, but then when they think somethings been planned without them, they aren't so tough... That is so cute. Thanks for telling her happy birthday for me.

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