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Blog of Gia Bennett

Monday, March 24, 2008


As hard as these pictures are for me to look at, I thought I'd repost them from Peter's Blog. Peter took these at Fort Snelling National Cemetery.

I believe the flower arrangement in this picture is the one my friends at the WMA bought.
It looks as though he went out in style. Just as he would have wanted.

Rest in peace, my dear friend. You will never be forgotten.


Peter said...

for the record, another coworker of mine took these with his camera phone. It was a sad, sad day.

Karen ^..^ said...

It looks as though Kip had a beautiful, respectful send off. Thank you for sharing these, and I can imagine the pain you must have felt upon posting them. I hope things can begin to get a bit easier for you now. Although you couldn't be there, there is a certain closure and comfort to seeing the funeral photos, and knowing that he was sent to his final resting place with the style and respect he deserved.

Minister said...

Thanks for posting these, and for all you've written and posted in remembrance of Kip. We'll always miss him, he was one of a kind.

ginnnnsane said...

Peter, let me know if you find any more pictures from that day.

ginnnnsane said...

Minister, he was definitely one of a kind. Thanks for coming by, sweetie. *huge hug*

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