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Blog of Gia Bennett

Thursday, March 27, 2008

not feeling well ...

I really need to make a doctors appointment when I get back from SC. I haven't felt right for almost two weeks now. I also didn't react well to my last chemo treatment. I am so fatigued, bloated to where my face looks freaky and I can't wear my rings. I feel like I am breathing through a tube, and my blood feels like it is racing through my body. :-/ On top of that my ankle never healed from when I fell out of the attic a few months back. It has a big swollen knot that grows and shrinks depending on how much I am on it.

The thought of driving 6 hours each way for such a short time is making me tired thinking about it. But I'm excited to get a new (used) car to drive. I hope my son gets a job soon to pay the insurance on my car that I am giving him. Gawd I hate freakin about how I'm going to pay for things.


Karen ^..^ said...

I hope you are ok, do you think the pine pollen might have something to do with it, maybe exacerbating the situation? A lot of people I know have been extremely short of breath lately, with all the allergens in the air. I hope it isnt anything other than that on top of the usual. And don't forget... It isnt as if you haven't been running your butt off, since that last chemo treatment!! Doesn't elevating your feet for a couple of hours a day help at all for the knot in it? Did you ever get an Xray for that?

I hope you are feeling better soon.

Karen ^..^ said...

The knot in your ankle, I mean. Sorry 'bout that.

ginnnnsane said...

yeah, I think it is my allergies. My sister wants me to get checked for asthma too because she has it and she doesn't like the way I go into coughing fits and can't breathe especially when I laugh. I think it's more allergy related asthma then whatever real asthma is. lol I know that probably makes no sense. My blood pressure meds also cause me to cough too. I can't stand it. I do always have the fear of the cancer showing up in my lungs though. The kind I have is many tiny tumors that multiply rapidly before they are even detected. My guardian angel helped out in it being discovered so early the first time. The second time they let it go too long and there was too much to remove, so they left it in me. If I don't have a good radiologist reading my scan results... it could be bad. :/ That fear is always in the back of my mind and I can't seem to let it go.

The bloating and fatigue, it's just a reaction from chemo. I am usually a little bloated from it, but this month is a bit more dramatic. The tiredness is a combination of everything.

As for my ankle, I went to the emergency clinic here in Suntree when it happened. She xrayed it and barely glanced at it and said it was a bad sprain. I wore a boot for a while and stayed off of it. I had planned on getting the xray and going to my doctor... but I never did. I guess it's time to get it looked at again.

Rich is working all day before we head out tonight. Even though I have to do laundry, pack, shop, and clean up the house a bit I'm going to try and lay down. I hope he is up to driving. :p

Karen ^..^ said...

Hey, too bad!!! Make him drive!!! LOL. I know exactly what you mean by the allergy related asthma. And cant the docs give you a different blood pressure medicine? One of my clients had that same exact problem, and her doctor switched her blood pressure meds, and she stopped coughing. At least it would be one less thing...

And I cannot beleive that they let the cancer spread to the point where there was too much to remove. Metastatic cancer is the most aggressive, why are they not totally vigilant just because of what kind it is??? Jesus.

The health care system really pisses me off sometimes. But I am sure I am preaching to the choir.

The worst of it is, you hear a story like that, it makes you so angry because there is nothing you can do about it. That helpless feeling is the worst.

But see if at the very least, they cant switch your blood pressure meds. And listen to your body. If you dont wanna drive, make the man drive!!! They LIKE IT!!!

ginnnnsane said...

He drove :p The traffic sucked big time. All the spring breakers and snow birds were heading home. Coming home today was good, but the northbound lanes were still packed.

I have been on so many different bp meds it isn't even funny. This one actually got it under control. I'll have to see what can be done.

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