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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More on Kip ...

I have found a few things about Kip online. The most interesting is this blog from Bible Money Matters . It is an old colleague of Kips who wrote about him. I find it ironic that one of his memorials would be in a Christian based blog. He would find that amusing too.

His obituary guestbook is already getting posts, and one brought me to tears. The one thing that holds true about him is he had the outer intimidating exterior. If he didn't like someone... they knew it. He didn't hold back. But he had a heart of gold and was the most loyal friend to have. He was a truly amazing guy with a personality bigger than life. He was someone that could never be ignored.

There are a couple of topics on the WMA about him too.

I would give anything to have the money to get to that funeral on Friday. It's going to take me a good long while to recover from this loss. I will never forget him. He will always be in my heart.


Maureen sent me another link she found. (thanks girlie!)
He looks so young and clean cut!

Another link

To add a bit of lightheartedness, I want to share this Photoshopped image Melissa (Sachi) made a few years back.

Gia and Kip at the prom


Peter said...

thanks for linking to my blog about kip.. While I'm a Christian, and Kip wasn't we got along great, and he was one of a kind. Kip had a heart of gold, and got along great with all kinds of people.

We're all going to miss him.

Karen ^..^ said...

Again, Ginni, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how it feels to lose a treasured friend. I read some of the posts on the WMA site, and a lot of people really cared about this man. Christian, non Christian, it doesn't matter. People are people, all precious, all loved. No matter what their opinions, beliefs, or views. A tragedy like this really hits it home. As painful as this must have been for you to share... thanks.

Peter said...

i always remember Kip kidding around about bringing his gun into work one day when he'd had enough. He always said he'd let me know which day to call in sick.. he was a funny guy.

ginnnnsane said...

Thank you for responding Peter! I am also Christian and Kip and I were very close. It never bothered me that he was Atheist because he never made it an issue. I loved the tribute you had to him. When I found it I just could picture him making a joke about being on a Christian blog. Can't you? *hehehe*

He was definitely one of a kind, wasn't he?

ginnnnsane said...

Karen, I know you and I have had differences about religion factors. Honestly... I don't know why. Maybe it was just the anger with the situation. Maybe because I thought it was more involved than it was. Maybe because dating my husband you would be a direct influence in my kids lives.... where my friends aren't. The truth is I have many pagan, atheist and even satanic friends. None of them make their religion an issue and neither do I. I never even think about their faith or lack of, because it is so rare it's brought up. Like we have discussed before the thing between us was stupid.

Thank you for being so sweet.

Karen ^..^ said...

Thanks for that, Ginni. Basically, the way I feel about all that is that it is in the past, and that is where it will stay. Everyone disagrees from time to time, and I think it's pretty remarkable that we are able to be civil and friendly with each other in spite of our past differences. Cool, even. I think we have more in common than not, and are starting to see that, now that we are giving ourselves a chance to see that. If there is one thing your friend Kip accomplished in his life, aside from the obvious things, it is to show people that differences in beliefs and lifestyles really doesn't matter in the end, what really matters is how we treat each other. If we do well in that area, nothing else really matters. He sounded like someone I would have liked to have known.

As far as my religious views, well I just try to live my life as a decent person, and the rest just falls into place. I have my beliefs, but would never try to influence anyone to beleive the way I do, as I do not like when people do that to me. I just beleive what makes sense to me, what I feel instinctively inside me what is right and true. There is no actual "religion" for that, LOL.

And yes, I agree with all of what you've said, and Thank GOD we've come to our senses, LOL.

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