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Blog of Gia Bennett

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Furry and Feathery

I have posted a few pics of my furry and feathery babies on this blog, but I decided to add my favorite pictures of them.

Romeo looks his best right after going to the groomer. The rest of the time he looks like a character from the Muppets!

This is Princess Figaro. We were mouse-sitting Cheato for a weekend and Fig was checking him out. Notice the priceless look on Cheato's face! Little does he know Fig is too prissy to eat a mouse. lol

Thumper is my baby. She calms me when I am upset. I call her "Sumpy" and that is one of the words Enzo says constantly.

This is my Thumpy when she was a baby!

This is Harley Davidson. He is supposed to be Rich's cat, but Harley loves me and Meg best. He is a psycho kitty and the complete opposite of Fig. They make me laugh when they chase each other around the house. One minute one will be chasing then they switch. I laughed my ass off (and wished I had a video camera on) when Fig was lounging under my coffee table and Harley snuck up behind her and gently touched his paw on her back as if saying "Tag! You're it!"

Bath time! That is Enzo aka Chicken Nugget in the back. Then Franco, Isabella (Izzy), Gypsy and Wrong Way. they are also a great source of entertainment and always seem to make me laugh. Enzo says all kinds of things and seems to only imitate things I say. Must be my wacko voice and the fact I talk baby talk alot. Franco tries his best to whistle the Andy Griffith tune but always screws it up. lol

This is Franco and Izzy with all their babies. We gave Spike to Zack's friend Chris, and Baby to my friend Bobbie Jo. I get to bird-sit Baby all the time. He loves coming back to see his family. I get to see Spike all the time because Chris's mom is one of my best friends. They brought him over for a family reunion a couple of weeks ago. :)

Franco and Izzy ignored the first egg to hatch. I took the baby and put together a homemade incubator for it. I hand fed it every two hours round the clock for 36 hours. It didn't make it. I should have taken it from them the minute I noticed them not taking care of it, but had hoped parental instincts would take over. They did well with each of the others. Each egg hatches every few days. It was an amazing experience to help raise these babies!

This is Bennie (RIP). She was such a sweet bunny. We didn't know when we got her that she was sick. We had her for more than a year. I did alot of research on her disease and did the best I could for her. I know Enzo misses breakfast with her.

This is my little dwarf hamster Pixie. After having him about a week I realized he too was sick. I took him to the vet and found out he had diabetes. I found a website online and found out what to and not to feed him. Instead of commercial hamster food I would go to the health food store and mix up my own recipe for him. Pix lasted almost 2 years. (RIP)

This is Bob the stray we have fed everyday for years. He still won't come near us but we love him dearly anyway.

Our new stray. I think he is scaring Bob away. I have to figure out what to do about that. We haven't named him yet but he is a sweetie. I am ridding him of his fleas and ticks and he seems much happier. :)

Isn't he cute???? We always have raccoons visiting trying to steal the kitties food. This one is checking to see if the coast is clear... lol

I love my farm and wouldn't have it any other way. :) Registered & Protected


ginnnnsane said...

aw. we should make up a new name for bobby. ha jk idk. well yahh i like our animal pictures.

ginnnnsane said...

MEGAN! You posted as me! LMFAO! You dork. You did it in the video blog too. I look more insane than usual.

Bobby? Isn't that the same as Bob? lol That would be just a bit confusing.
... kinda like you posting under my name.

How about George? lol

Megan the Dork said...

hhaha. no not george..thats a loser name./ how about fredrick?! ha jjk thats even worse. about megan!? nah idk

ginnnnsane said...

it's aboy! How about your other nicknames like... dork... poopie... or pootie!

Rich said...

Well Now that is a lotta creatures

The birds are pita soon as the sun comes up they start with the damn chirpin..

the new cat looks so prissy in that pic .

and harley..... dont even get me started.. guess he will be knockin over the tree this year....andyone wanna take bets on that?...

great Pics Gin.....

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