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Blog of Gia Bennett

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Rich and I had an amazing time in Naples. This was Rich's first time there. I've been several times with my kids. My parents own a share of a condo which is where we stayed because they had to come home early and no one was going to be using it for the rest of their week.
It was a fun, busy and relaxing couple of days all in one.

This was the sunset on our first night there. Noel's bands were still in the area and made the sky look ominous! The beach was actually more beautiful in person.

The second night we decided to hang out at the pool. We were so tired from sightseeing all day we just wanted to relax. Here is one view from the pool.

Here was another. My photography is not the best. I was having more fun goofing off. :p

I caught him yawning... lol

I snapped this just before I got in the hot tub with him. You can see my hand in his glasses!

A picture of our feet while lounging enjoying the scenery.

The trees above us.

This is what complete and total exhaustion looks like.

Even with as tired as I was we ended up staying up super late. I had a couple of Sam Adams Black. I fell in love with that beer and I am not a big beer drinker (... or a drinker period.) It has a chocolaty caramel after taste and goes down so smooth. I also fell in love with an Oktoberfest beer that had a pumpkin spice. I can't find it anymore! I was going to stock up. lol :-P


Rich said...

that was a great 3 days.
we have to di that again.

ginnnnsane said...

"di" it again? *runs*

It was fun. Time away was just what we needed. :)

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