Blog of Gia Bennett

Blog of Gia Bennett

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turkey and movies

Had a stomach virus over Thanksgiving so no turkey dinner for me this year. My mom and dad brought me home a plate but I haven't eaten it yet. Maybe I'll have it for lunch today. I'm feeling alot better and pray kids don't catch this.

I'm hoping to get Christmas decorations down this weekend and clean out the attic at the same time. There is so much junk up there I will either have another garage sale or just toss it.

I finally got to watch Hairspray. What an adorable movie! Meg and I laid on my bed last night and watched it. I see now why she loves it so much. :) We also picked up the new Die Hard. It was as good or better than the other 3. I am a huge Die Hard fan (die hard Die Hard fan?... lol) and was definitely not disappointed. :)


Chris said...

Hope you are feeling better.

My Thanksgiving was good but my stomach was doing the cha cha, too! Don't know if it was the bug or not. Right now, I'm lying in bed with a, that may be because I went to a mall.

I really loved Hairspray. I totally enjoyed the last Die Hard movie but I really can watch all of them over and over.

Catch up with you soon. Love you.

ginnnnsane said...

Thanks! I hope you are feeling better too. Which mall? I am beginning to hate the Florida mall. The last time I went there it was filthy. :p

We got the collector pack of the first three Die Hards back before the 4th hit the theaters. We watched them all in anticipation of this one and then never made it to the theater to see it! lol I'm glad I have them all on DVD though. :p

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