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Blog of Gia Bennett

Monday, November 19, 2007


My dad
My dad went into the hospital on Saturday morning. He is going to be ok. It was a warning to take better care of his heart. He had a scare recently with his diabetes so he was already changing his habits, but I think this will change his habits a bit more. He used to golf at least 4 times a week but they quit the country club when they moved on the river. I still haven't figured out why. I think his lack of exercise this past year has not been good.

New cat
The new stray let me approach it yesterday. When I was scratching the back of his neck I noticed ticks and fleas. The poor things skin seemed irritated by the bites. I went in the house and got a tube of Advantage and put it on the back of his neck. When I run to Walmart tomorrow I am going to get a flea and tick spray I found online that should kill the ticks he has and prevent new ones. It will also ward off mosquitoes and gnats. I hope he trusts me enough to spray it on him.... yikes!

Last Weekend
We were supposed to go to a car show on I-Drive on Saturday, but I ended up sitting at the emergency room for a couple of hours. Julz was nice enough to let me come pick up my kids to go see their grandpa on his weekend. I was thankful for that.

We had also already purchased tickets for Beowulf at the IMAX in 3D in Pointe Orlando. I felt guilty but both my mom and dad told us to go. It was amazing. I definitely want to see other movies there. Afterward Chris treated me and Rich to some sushi. It was some of the best I had ever had! The restaurant itself was beautiful and outside were bridges with Koi ponds all around. It was a great night to take some of the stress off.... for a little while anyway.

On Sunday Rich and I decided to work on my room. My big poster bed needed to be moved only about 6 to 8 inches. In order to do that we had to take it apart. It gave me a chance to clean really good. We ended up moving the dressers and everything to get every last dust bunny. By sliding the bed a bit it gave more room for a comfy chair by my bed. I moved my step machine in front of the window where I can look out at the nature preserve or watch the TV. It looks much better and more roomy! We are both sore as hell today, but worth it. (It sucks to be old :-p)

Soon to be ex
I called him today to tell him no more fighting between us. I just couldn't take anymore of his anger and hatred. It was making me not be me. I hated who I had become. The pain, anger, feeling betrayed ... it was just too much to bear.

I'm sure we will have very little to do with each other anymore, and that is probably for the best. I think the kids will suffer the most because I always communicated with him about things going on in their lives, problems with them, and most importantly the good things. I always wanted him to know what was going on because he could give them a different perspective on things than I could. Sometimes they would tell me he talked on and on and they lost sight of his but that is how he is. Now he will only know what they chose to share with him... which is so little. He won't get what I talk to their teachers about, problems they are having, anything they wouldn't choose to bring up on their own. But it seems it has to be this way for the best of everyone involved.

I have a big issue right now that I have to make a decision on my own about. He made it clear he didn't want to know. I made sure I saved the emails where I tried to tell him (several times) for when he comes after me about making a major decision without consulting him.


chris said...

Thanks for the updates-especially about your Dad. You are probably right about the benefits of exercise for him.

I had a really nice time Sat!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

ginnnnsane said...

Thanks, Chris!
Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

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