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Blog of Gia Bennett

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How Hallow Was Your Ween?

We had a blast. I can't believe it's taken me this long to post about it. Rich and I sat out on the driveway handing out candy. The house was decorated great. We even had a fog machine going. There were so many kids! There was a non stop herd for almost two hours! It's been a while since we've had one this active and was a refreshing change from the past few years. Neighbors I hadn't talked to in ages stopped to chat and we even reminisced about how when the kids were young we would all walk together pulling a little red wagon with pitchers of Margaritas and beer. lol It definitely made the long walk up and down the cul de sacs more fun while the kids ran door to door.

It was so busy I didn't get to snap good pictures. Here is one of the front of the house. The fog wasn't very heavy in this one.

This is a close up of my boyfriend. He had a black rose in is hand for me, but the kids were goofing off with it when I took this picture.

Romeo was so excited with all the commotion. This is the only picture I took of him and his costume is half hanging off. I'll have to put it on him soon to get a better pic. He is such a cute little Ewok. :) Rich looks mean as hell in this! lol

Of course my Meggie looked adorable! She was a witch and Linds was a faery.

Ok, Zack didn't dress up for Halloween. He and Chris went to see Saw 4 against my better judgement. But there was some drama in the neighborhood and Tina and I wanted the boys to stay out of it. Luckily things cooled down and nothing ended up happening. The boys were back by 7:30 and ended up walking around harassing the girls when they ran into them. lol
The story behind this bag happened a few nights later when I got back from Naples. Zack, Rich and I were putting away the groceries and Zack decided to put this bag over his head. I grabbed it and drew the cute little face on it. When I wasn't looking Zack drew the hand making such a lovely gesture and put it back on. I died laughing.
Being a warped mom, I found it to be a Kodak moment. :p

Me being the witch I am. I was actually just in regular clothes with a witch hat. I colorized this picture for fun.


Chris said...

Wow! The yard looked amazing.

And you look just like Elphaba!!


Mike said...

Rich doesn't look mean, so much as bored. lol

ginnnnsane said...

Thanks, Chris! We were supposed to hit the sales the day after Halloween to add more for next year... but our trip to Naples too priority. :p

Rich bored??? Not with me around ;)

ginnnnsane said...

oh... btw, Mike... those skull pants he is wearing... they are mine! (thank gawd for drawstrings) They have pretty sparkly lace on the bottom. lol I thought you would get a kick out of that. *heheheh* ;)

Mike said...

HAH! I do like that! So, he was wearing pants with sparkly lace on his butt? I would have loved to see that! Curse the camera angle.

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