Blog of Gia Bennett

Blog of Gia Bennett

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Exhausted ...

Driving back and forth to Miami twice in one week is a killer. Last night she didn't get done with her audition until late and I finally dropped her off at her dad's at 1:30 am. That at least gave Zack dad time alone for one evening anyway. :)

I slept in late, but am going to not get much rest since my sister is in town and am about to head over to mom's to hang out. Some time in the hot tub might just be what I need.

I think Meg has a big chance at the commercial which means going back to Miami this week. I may have to get my parents to help me get a place to stay if they need her for more one day of the week long filming. I'm so excited for her.

Before she got called back... which took hours because there were so many people auditioning... she asked me to take her phone so it wasn't sticking out of her pocket. Lindsey texted back and was responding to her text about how many hot guys were there. I laughed. It was soooo true. I noticed her noticing a few of them. *hehehe*

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