Blog of Gia Bennett

Blog of Gia Bennett

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Quiet Night

The house is quiet tonight. The kids had a busy weekend and are now relaxing in their rooms. Rich is watching TV, and I was working on Faery Wings a bit. I'm about to go carry the birds in from the porch. We have finally settled on an aviary plan. Now to build it... I can't wait. It will be a bit smaller than planned but plenty big enough for the 4 of them. Enzo will be in it most of the time too... but he will also be an indoor bird.

Meg got home from Confirmation class not long ago. I have to postpone my chemo a day so I can take her to another class at a Melbourne church tomorrow night. It's almost over ... lol. So much preparation kinda makes you more nuts than excited about this. My sisters will be down. The one from Boston was just here for the week and she is flying back down that weekend to be her sponsor. It will be nice having everyone here again. I'll have a small get together afterward ... nothing fancy. Meg and I should start looking for a dress for her to wear.

I picked up Aristocats and Elizabeth the Golden Age last week and haven't watched them yet. I think I'll go veg on my bed and pop in the cartoon. I'm more in the mood for some humor and cuteness.

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