Blog of Gia Bennett

Blog of Gia Bennett

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Heart Breaks ...

... for my babies. I wish so much I could just put them in a bubble to protect them from all bad things life throws at you. But then they wouldn't grow up to be strong adults. They are the most mature kids I know and can handle situations better than most adults. I have said this many times, I know. But it's true.

I am so thrilled they confide their everyday struggles with me. But it also tears me up inside. I want to race right in and make everything better, destroy what is causing my babies pain. But I know that will only make the situation worse. So I sit on the sidelines watching, reading the texts from them on my phone telling me whats going on when I am not with them, giving them advice and help when needed, and see them take care of the hardest situations kids today have to face on their own. There is a situation I may have to step in on, but right now I am waiting for the ok.

Life is tough for teens today. On top of the normal pressures my kids have to deal with their dad and I no longer communicating ... and the intense hate he has for me. It's all very sad. When the kids had these types of issues I could talk to him about it and he could give a different perspective. We always worked well like that. Now I can no longer go to him. Things have been so bad in the past few months, I have learned that Rich and I work well working out issues with them now. It sickens me that their dad has made this choice. I tried my best to keep our parenting together, but he chose to back away.

Our lives are going to change greatly in the next month. I think it's definitely for the better. I am looking forward to these positive changes. The kids are too :)


I take back what I said. He does care. I think he always has, but is easily swayed by the wrong people. We talked and I think we made the right choice about the issues that have been haunting me for months now. I had pretty much already made the decisions but talking to him about them and getting his approval made things much more at ease. The kids are thrilled that we can communicate again and are excited about their weekend with him.

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ginnnnsane said...

Too bad it didn't last. He only cares when it is convenient for him. This divorce has gone on far too long for all of us.

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